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Meet Rachael

Rachael and Pippa

I know.

I said my next puppy was going to be fox-red.

So what on earth am I doing with this chocolate dumpling!

You’ll have to check this out:  My chocolate adventure  to find out!

The standard reaction

I passed a member of our shoot on my way down to the meadow the other day and signalled to him that I had something of interest in the car.

“Oooooh!”  says he with interest

“is it a new puppy??”  says he with enthusiasm as he climbs out of his landrover

“is it a Labrador?” he asks excitedly as he crosses the road and peers in through the window of my truck

“Oh”.   he says,  as his voice trails away with disappointment.   “What a pity”  he sighs.

“Its chocolate…”

And he was only half joking

If you have no idea why the average British shooting man and woman views the chocolate labrador with some derision,  check out my link above.   Chocolates have not yet achieved much success in the  trialling world in the UK.   And have a lot to prove.

You can follow me through my trials and tribulations in: Rachael’s Journey.

I should be in for some fun!

My first video

I have been quite busy this month with my first attempt at video.  Here are the results

Produced by my son Tom.


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