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Bored of bream

Black breamHimself arrived home last evening is a state of great excitement.

Apparently catching two bucketfuls of bream is a positively orgasmic experience!

I enjoy eating fish as much as I enjoy catching it.   But I do confess to having my favourites.   And must also confess that Bream is not amongst them.

Where are my mackerel?

My favourite table fish is salmon,  followed very closely indeed by mackerel.    And I couldn’t help but notice that there was only one mackerel in the bucket.

Himself regards me as some kind of Philistine.

My preference for mackerel is inexplicable to him.

A working lunch

Apparently he would have me know that he spent his entire lunch hour aboard the Queen of the Oceans,  producing the contents of the bowls above.

Though I suspect the ‘hour’  part was applied somewhat loosely.

Apparently I should be more grateful and appreciative of his efforts in providing us with enough bream to keep us going for months.

Before you ask,  for the fishermen amongst you,  the big fish in the nearer bowl weighed three pounds.  I put the matchbox there for scale.

Bored now

Himself started catching bream early last week,  and bream has featured rather strongly on the menu for the last few days.

I realise that this is some kind of heresy,  but I am now really quite bored of it.

I know it’s just me,  because we took some to the pub last night and they were snapped up with great enthusiasm.

But I just can’t help it.   Its mackerel for me any day of the week.


3 Comments on “Bored of bream”

  1. retrieverman says:

    “Bream” is a term sometimes used for bluegill (a type of sunfish) in the United States.

    I always wondered about its origin.

  2. Pan fried or grilled for me, but I do also love smoked mackerel!

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