Writer, zoologist and gundog enthusiast, Pippa blogs on life in the countryside

Collecting the last of the gunstand markers

A bit of pipe makes a handy marker

For the last few days I have been collecting up the last remaining gunstand markers from the remoter parts of the farm.  

Having fun

I can incorporate little training routines into this process,  for example,  dropping a dog off at each marker position as I walk down the line,  then calling the furthest dog down the line before walking back to collect the others. 

Sometimes I drop a dummy off as I collect each marker then when I get to the end,  send the dogs back for them.   It’s all a bit of fun.

Today,  it is a beautiful sunny day  and I am looking forward to a pleasant hour or two after dropping my son off at the station. 

Not having fun

Himself, however, is not having quite so much fun,  for it is ‘that’ time of year again.  The time we have to chivvy all the guns for their ‘subs’,  so that we can pay our annual shoot rent.   

The guns all like to keep us on our toes by leaving it until the last minute!   It is one side of running a shoot that we both loath, and are very glad when it is all wrapped up each year.

Jumping ditches adds to the fun

The next few weeks

Bluebell time is rapidly approaching,  and the woods are full of bluebell leaves,  there is usually a magnificent show on the farm which I will attempt to capture for you with my fairly basic photographic skills in the next few weeks when the woodland floor will be covered with a vivid blue carpet.  

In the meantime,  there are a few more markers to collect, and a train  to be caught,  so  I am off out into the sunshine!


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