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In which I become an activist!

It was quite a shock to discover when I awoke this morning,  that I am now an Animal Rights Activist!

Apparently an article I wrote supporting the Kennel Club in what I consider to be a brave and important step in canine welfare,  did not go down too well in some doggy circles.

The story

If you have not been following the story,  the Kennel Club introduced veterinary checks at all Championship shows beginning with this year’s  Crufts.   The checks apply to 15 breeds considered to be at risk from conformational extremes.   The six dogs that failed these checks were disqualified.  An unprecedented and extraordinary event in the history of this show   

The KC’s chairman Steve Dean said that the checks were initiated to  “prevent dogs with clinical problems associated with exaggerated conformation competing in the group ring”

Advanced warning of the checks was given and the intention of introducing them for the first time at the world’s most prestigious dog show caused little comment in advance.  

The Alliance

Once the ensuing disqualifications took place however,  an almighty outcry occurred and the show dog community joined ranks to protest.   In the aftermath of the show,  a new organisation was born.  

It was on this subject that I wrote and published an article for the Labrador Site.  You can read the article here: The Canine Alliance.

The activist

I subscribe to the Retriever, dog and wildlife blog, and it was with interest this morning that I read a post about a British Gundog Trainer that had been accused of being an animal rights activist.  It took a second or two for it to sink in that this was about me!

Those who disapprove of outsiders attempting to influence breeding practices in the UK seem to use the Animal Rights label to attempt to ‘diminish’  their critics quite regularly.  Jemima Harrison has frequently been accused of being involved with PETA and the like.   

But it is quite amusing to find this label hung on’yours truly’ as I should imagine it would be hard to find an Animal Rights activist in the UK that would be prepared to stand in the same room as me!

I have no idea how the thread panned out as I am not a member of the facebook group on which it was posted.  Let me know if you saw it.    I’m off to shave my head and get a tattoo.


2 Comments on “In which I become an activist!”

  1. retrieverman says:

    I’m actually not a member of any of these Facebook groups, but I do get tips from moles who are.

    I had received maybe a half dozen threads of this sort of discussion, but when I noticed that they were calling the author of thelabradorsite.com an animal rights activist, I thought that was pretty humorous.

  2. Dave says:

    It is absolutely hilarious they called you an ARA.

    An ARA would not hunt rabbits, stalk deer or shoot pheasants. Let alone, keep a ferret for the purpose of ferreting.

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