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Rods On Rivers

Fly fishingHimself and I are rather partial to a spot of fly-fishing.   However, this aspect of our lives has been somewhat neglected since the arrival of the Queen of the Oceans.  

One of my ambitions, is to catch a salmon on a fly.  And an arrival in my email in-box recently, announcing  the launch of a  great new website,  was a reminder that this ambition is as yet unfulfilled.   

The new website is called Rods On Rivers ,  and is brought to us by father and son team James and Chris Horne. 

James and Chris are founders of the successful Guns On Pegs  site which brings together people seeking shooting and people with shooting to sell.   

Rods on Rivers will fulfil the same function for the fishing community.  You can register as a fisherman (or woman) or as a provider of fishing.   In either case it is free to join.

Anyhow, I am off to register,  and to write  ‘Catch a Salmon in 2012’ on the fridge.   That should catch his eagle eye next time he stops off for a snack!


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