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Copyright and Pedigrees

Jemima Harrison's long awaited documentary to air in February

I suppose that this happens to all bloggers eventually.  But for some reason, I wasn’t expecting it yet.   I came across an article on the internet yesterday that looked remarkably familiar.  But then it would do.  Because I had written the content.

Only the website the article was sitting on was not one of my own.

It is not uncommon for people to copy a part of an article and link it back to the author’s site.  

It is perhaps more unusual for someone to copy an entire article and to alter it  slightly to make appear to have been written by the ‘copier’   (I am resisting the urge to write ‘thief’)  but this is what had happened to my article.

This morning I have written to the person who took my article and asked them politely to remove it from their website.

I will let you know what happens!

Pedigree Dogs Exposed returns!

I also want to spread the news about Jemima Harrison’s new film: Pedigree Dogs Exposed – three years on.

Jemima’s ground breaking film,  Pedigree Dogs Exposed, drew international public attention to the plight of some of our pedigree dog breeds and the problems of maintaining a healthy population of animals within a closed registry.

As some of you know I have taken a keen interest in Jemima’s campaign and am delighted to see that the BBC have announced a screening date for this long awaited documentary.

You can catch it on BBC Four on Monday 27th February at 9pm.   I suspect that the dog owning nation will be glued to their seats!

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