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The end of the season

fox-red labrador with pheasant

Another one for the game cart

Our formal shoots are now all complete. 

From a numbers point of view it has been a very successful season with our total bag accounting for more than fifty percent of the birds we bought in as poults. 

More importantly we have all had a brilliant time,  out in all weathers, admiring those memorable shots, watching the dogs work ,  and  teasing guns that can’t remember their peg numbers… 

We have walked and walked until we were ready to drop, laughed in the pouring rain, soaked up the privilege and glory of shooting in the English countryside, and relished the company of good friends. 

working cocker with hen pheasant

Not a giant pheasant, just a little dog

We have reminisced about some great shots and commiserated over poor ones.

We have watched young dogs grow in confidence and experience, and eaten too much in front of roaring fires.  I am sure we are all fitter though, perhaps no slimmer!

What more wonderful way can there be to spend a winter. 

For me personally the shooting season has brought yet more pleasures. 

It has been a wonderful few months with two very special and important events for me just before Christmas. 

working cocker spaniel

What shall we do next?

In December I signed my first publishing contract,  and I also learned that our new Gundog Welfare charity ‘The Gundog Trust’ has been accepted for registration with the Charity Commission.  

My new book will be published in July and right now I am busy putting the finishing  touches to it.   I am sure I will be blogging a bit more about that in the weeks to come.

The Gundog Trust is the culmination of a massive amount of work,  and is something of a ‘dream come true’ for me.  

There is a lot more work to be done yet,  but much of our progress has been on hold whilst we waited for our Charity Commission registration.  

pheasant shooting in England

Wending our way home

Gaining the recognition of the Charity Commission has been a rigourous and thorough process involving the extensive gathering of information and including a requirement to provide evidence that gundogs are ‘useful to man’. 

 Something that seems obvious to those of us that work them,  but in fact is not at all obvious to those that know little about eating game,  game shooting,  or gundog fieldwork.

Once we receive our Charity Number we will be able to move forward with a public launch.   We are just waiting for some changes in our articles of association to be updated with Companies House and we will be able to receive our official charity registration number.

It is all very exciting!   I’ll let you know what happens next.

2 Comments on “The end of the season”

  1. mike585 says:

    Nice post! The Cocker looks like my dog, Spike. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mike, cockers are just great aren’t they!

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