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Hot and cold

Well this evening was certainly interesting.  I was just about to write a post about my youngest cocker and her aversion to brambles when cries of ‘Mum, Mum,  the fire is  making a horrible noise!’  rang through the house. 

Ah well,  it’s always nice to get to know your local fire brigade a little better. 

After being mended several times last week,  our central heating boiler decided to give up the ghost again today.   Which has coincided neatly with our first seriously cold night.    Foolishly I dared to ponder that things could not get much worse.   This was clearly irresponsible of me as a few degrees of frost for a day or three never did a healthy well-fed family any harm.

My elder son decided to remedy the situation by building a really good fire.   And I am not talking about a few twigs here.  I am talking about a real ‘kick-ass’  fire.   Which as luck would have it decided to spread itself up the chimney and turn the flue  into a mega flame thrower with impressive sound effects.

Naturally Himself on arriving home to find a large blast furnace attached to the side of the house attempted to arm himself with the hosepipe and attack the offending chimney with a jet of water.  Unfortunately the water supply was frozen solid,  so it is probably just as well that the aid of Hampshire’s noble fire brigade had already been summoned.

I’m off now to dig out some very large blankets!  We’ll have to catch up with cockers another day.


2 Comments on “Hot and cold”

  1. Sandra Robson says:

    So sorry to hear about all this – must have been quite scary. Hope the boiler is now fixed & not too much mess from the chimney fire. We had one many years ago when Neil (who was a bit of a pyromaniac) decided to see how well his dinkey cars would burn on the lounge fire!!

    We have an excellent calor gas heater in the garage if ever you need to borrow it. We keep it for emergencies (used to get lots of long power cuts when we lived in Kingsley).

    • It was quite exciting for a while! But not my favourite kind of excitement 🙂 Happily our boiler is now fixed *touches wood frantically*, and warmth has returned to the household, but thanks very much for the offer of the heater xxx

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