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Cockers, badgers, and Jordan Shelley

There is no connection between cockers, badgers, and Jordan Shelley I am afraid.  They just happen to all be in my head today!

The tenant farmer is spreading manure all over the fields today.  So I am about to lose a lot of my training space.   I was out very early this morning with the cockers,  tightening up quartering patterns on the stubble.  I shall really miss it!

We have also been doing a lot more stop whistle work and they dogs  are now a good deal sharper than they were a week ago. 

After training,  my youngster came into the ex-layers pen with me to sit amongst the birds whilst they feed.   Having access to game birds on a daily basis is a huge benefit when gundog training and feel very lucky to be able train under these conditions.

I notice that the furore over Jordan Shelley’s dog training performance on The One Show last week is gathering pace.   The Daily Mail has now joined in.   

You can catch up with the latest on my dog blog ‘Totally Dogs’  and on Beverley Cuddy’s blog ‘Cold Wet Nose’.   Beverley has all the press releases from various interested bodies,  such as the Kennel Club and the Dog’s Trust.    Fascinating stuff.

I am off to edit some badger action now.   We left the trail camera at the badger set last night and have some nice little video clips which I hope to show you in a day or two.


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