Writer, zoologist and gundog enthusiast, Pippa blogs on life in the countryside

I need a plan!

So there I was stood in a field when I had one of those moments, you know,  when your mind goes blank.    Three gundogs sat in a row looked up at me expectantly and I looked back at them.

And I hadn’t a clue what I was meant to be doing.

I  had broken my own rule of always making a plan.  So, for today we just had a bit of walk and didn’t do very much at all in the way of training.

Himself does not believe in making a plan.   He believes that ‘plans’ interfere with living.  But I am  different.  Without a plan I am about as much use as an electric carving knife.

Without a plan,  I get all sorts of things done that don’t need doing,  and don’t do any of the things that need doing yesterday.   So planning for me is crucial.  Even, and especially, with dog training.

The season draws near

The shooting season starts (for us) next month and my dogs are sloppy and unfit.  So, I must confess, am I.    It is time to get them (and me) back into shape.  So this afternoon I shall be writing a plan.  I shall be listing each dog’s strengths and weak points.  Listing what I want to achieve before the season starts,  and then breaking these goals down into weekly targets. 

Next time we stand in the field,  ‘things’ will be different!

Himself on the other hand will not be listing anything.  Next time he stands in a field with his dogs,   things will be just the same as they ever were.   But that’s another story.

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