Writer, zoologist and gundog enthusiast, Pippa blogs on life in the countryside

The harvest has begun!

HarvestThe combine is now busy at work in the fields whilst giant tractors hurry to and fro carrying  trailerloads of golden wheat into the grain store.   Much of the farm is down to wheat this year and the harvest is at last well under way.

The stubble fields left in the wake of the combine are a precious resource and are only there for a short while.   The burning stubble fields of my childhood are now a distant memory and here at least, the stubble is ploughed in just as soon as the harvest is complete.

The acres of stubble provide access to parts of the farm which are inaccessible by vehicle for much of the year and it is a great opportunity to get some serious rabbit control underway as it enables us to night shoot over the fields from the landrover.

For the first few days after cutting,  many animals seem a liitle disorientated by the new state of affairs and deer and foxes  frequently wander about on the stubble as though they are still hidden by the crops that concealed them so recently.   This is a good opportunity for filming,  photographing and shooting roe,  and for reducing the fox population a little.

We  love the stubble and will be making the most of it!

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