Writer, zoologist and gundog enthusiast, Pippa blogs on life in the countryside

Night Shooting?

Last night I awoke in the small hours of the morning to an unusual sight. Hovering just few feet from the floor,  and an arms length from the foot of our bed was a glowing white orb.  

The ghostly presence of a previous occupant you might wonder,  an alien visitation perhaps?

But no. 

This was not an otherworldly being.  It was the rear end of my naked husband protruding through the curtains. 

Apparently,  tired of waiting for ‘trap-shy’  Mr Fox to pluck up the courage to enter our carefully baited cage,  Himself had decided to spend the unholy hours of three until four, hanging out of the bedroom window with his rifle.   Needless to say,  Mr Fox decided to make his nightly round elsewhere.

I hasten to assure you that our night shooting activities are normally of a more conventional nature and usually (in fact always) undertaken fully clothed.

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