Writer, zoologist and gundog enthusiast, Pippa blogs on life in the countryside

Mr Multi-track has gone away

An eyrie silence has descended over the house.  And I don’t like it.  

A scrap of paper with ‘No Entry, Filming in Progress’  written on it, and a footprint in one corner,  lies forgotten on the hall floor.   I really ought to pick it up.

Living with a teenage musician in the absence of a soundproofing system,  is always a compromise.  I was so looking forward to the peace and quiet.  A whole week of being able to write without ‘crazy train’  belting through the wall,  no jazz impro whilst I am trying to construct a coherent paragraph,  no blues after supper, no scales at midnight when I am trying to sleep.   Just beautiful,  humble, deep deep silence.

But now its here,  it just feels weird.  

I even switched his YouTube channel on yesterday.  I think I must be losing it!  

By the way,  he is really hoping to get to 2000 views so if you have time to click on the link,  that would be great!

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