Writer, zoologist and gundog enthusiast, Pippa blogs on life in the countryside

Pheasant drinkers

Pheasant drinkers rapidly become coated with algae,  and contaminated with other debris.   Cleaning them out uses up some of our precious stored water so where possible, we pick and choose our times according to the weather.

cleaning the pheasant drinkers Last night it rained for much of the night, and though the sun was out again by mid morning, more rain is forecast for tonight. Our water storage tanks are now in better shape, so today was a sensible choice for cleaning out the drinkers. Not one of our most fascinating routine tasks.

Like many young spaniels, Phoebe needs some more practice at sitting still, so she came along to watch in the ex-layers’ pen.    The older pheasants are getting used to the dogs now,  and whilst they keep a wary distance,  they are not upset by her presence.

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