Writer, zoologist and gundog enthusiast, Pippa blogs on life in the countryside

An hour in the beanfield shooting pigeons

Pigeon HideWe managed to spend an hour in the beanfield pigeon hide at the weekend.  Himself was not on his finest form,  but nevertheless we took home half a dozen nice fat pigeons,  and gave little Meg a happy half hour collecting the birds from in amongst the beans.

I have seen some quite impressive pigeon hides.   Ours by comparison tend to be somewhat ramshackle.  Nor are we what you might call ‘serious’ about camouflage.

 As pigeon shooters go,  we are definitely not purists. 

Working cocker and wood pigeonHimself says that the day he has to dress up as a terrorist to go pigeon shooting is the day he takes up knitting.   So some dull coloured clothes and a hat is about as far as we go on the camouflage front.  

But it is a very pleasant way to pass an hour or so in the early evening sunshine,  and to provide the family with some lovely low-fat organic meat.

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